Bosses may think they control all those working under them. Mothers may think they control their children. How many do realize it takes just the blink of an eye for things to go out of control.

One example: Take a look at the emergency of a trauma center (or any hospital for that matter), I am sure it will be an eye opening experience for all. One minute you are racing down the highway, the next you scream in pain, unable to move your legs or worse! I see these patients in the emergency and I think about the pedestrians who cross the road even while the light is red, the drivers who try to save a minute of two by jumping a red light, speedsters who get their thrill at no less than a 100km, pedestrians walking /crossing the road while on the phone…. When will one understand that most of the things in our own life are not in our control?

Does that mean there is absolutely nothing that we can control?

What about our own self?  Control over our thoughts, emotions and actions!

Pitcaimia museosa
Pitcaimia museosa. Image courtesy – motherandsriaurobindo.in

“First learn to know yourself perfectly and then to control yourself perfectly. You will be able to do it by aspiring every moment. It is too never early to begin, never too late to continue.”

                                         The Mother



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