Obligation – To bloom or not?

Our lives are filled with obligations. Moral, emotional and physical!

As an individual it is mandated that we be responsible for our behavior – to our elders, peers and every other person we meet in our daily lives. Any unruly behavior, however justified, is looked down on. It becomes applicable in every role we play in our lives….

An employer is obliged to look after the well being of the people who work for him/her. A leader should be leading by example not just words. Fulfill one’s responsibilities even at the cost of personal loss- that is the obligation we carry all our lives!

We are often reminded that there are fixed guidelines of behavior being in a society. Often criticisms of our ways or attitudes, mostly at our backs and may be at times on our face, by even unknown people come our way.

But do we always have an obligation to behave in a socially acceptable way?  

Often we tend to forget that our personal growth and development are our prime responsibilities as a human being. To be ourselves and enjoy just being!

Isn’t our primary obligation to ourselves, to be true to ourselves? To bloom even in face of adversities?


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