Miracles galore!

Not accident or co-incidence leads you to Swamiji! It is the Divine play, at the right time and in the  right way!

It is His grace that calls you and when your being is open, miracles happen even before you are in His presence..

I was born in a traditional devout Christian family and hence when I got married into a hindu family, the cultural  shock was bigger for my parents than me. But then, since my husband is a disciple of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, Hindu religious practices were not something regular (or for that matter, not even rare) in our home. With all this background how could I imagine, even in my wildest dreams, that I would ever come to the presence of the Guru who has been enriching, radiating Sanadana Hindu dharma? Or that I would ever become His ardent devotee and disciple?

My husband was the person who put the words ‘Inner Awakening’ to my ears. I agreed  to go along with him for the 25 days program without knowing anything about Swamiji or Inner Awakening program. But then, further discussion was not just as easy.

Questions galore popped up:

“Where will the money come from?”

“What about our kids as both of us are going?

“What happens to my work? I have only just taken over. How can I take leave for a month? How can  the principal just take one month off work? Who will substitute me?”

“What will the authorities say? They supported me when I needed it the most and now  just two months into the job, I am already going off for a month?”

This petty human mind- mad mad monkey with rabies, with tail on fire, being chased by a rabid dog whose tail is also on fire (to quote Mahayogini) -was trying to find all excuses for the both of us to not go for the program…

The Divine works in mysterious and miraculous ways, our being only has to be willing!

Money came from a personal loan, my parents consented to stay at our place for a month (even with all the language difficulty and despite the fact that they have never stayed in my house for more than two weeks) and my kids never objected even once to us going away for a month. It needs special mention that our younger one who has never stayed away from me for more than two days was even willing to do all her work on her own without troubling her granny.

As if this was not enough…

None of my co-workers or the staff raised a question. I only told them part of the reason about why I am going for a month, but not even one question or concern! The authorities were just as accommodating. It was as if Swamiji personally was clearing all the obstacles from our path.

Another hurdle was to find a person to substitute me during this period. Someone who had given consent said no at the last moment. By then I had understood how obstacles are to be tackled! I offered the prayer to Swamiji and kept on. When least expected, a person with whom I was just talking to regarding the issue offered her help (this person was probably not one I would have asked at all!)

Divine play and miracles galore! For sure that is one’s path to Inner Awakening….

For more information, see https://innerawakening.org/



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