Life’s tailor-made…

Isn’t one’s life tailor-made for oneself?

The path is my own, no one else can walk.

The struggles on the way, the tussles,

All the fails and the heartbreaks are custom ware!


At times I can run, many a times crawl,

Image courtesy: https://www.thehikingchronicles.com/hiking-trails/diagonal-path-up-table-mountain/

Stride on, even when no path’s in clear sight.

You can walk along or hold my hand for some,

But oh! It’s a path I have to make and tread myself.


Not just hurdles but the triumphs and gains,

You are indispensable and share with me,

Lift me up, hold support and scold even ,

All though the fact remains, it’s a path tailor-made!




prompt – <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/tailor/”>Tailor</a&gt;



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