Sunny was not what I expected the day to be when we started from our home today!

A short tale of our today and the hurdles it brought along with…

I knew it is monsoon time, I knew there was prediction of rain, but I was not in the least prepared for what happened today…

We started early as it was a six hour drive if there are no traffic jams and the best time to avoid traffic is early in the morning. But we faced our first hurdle for today just after 30km, a five kilometer stretch of bumper to bumper traffic with cars even on the muddy side roads as well! A small stretch of road had caved in with a truck in it blocking all traffic. Well, we crossed the hurdle in about an hour and the best thing to be appreciated was that there were a lot of patient drivers on the road today as I could hear only very few honks. I calculated the time again and said we still would reach our destination at a decent hour. I must admit, my calculations and predictions for today were utterly wrong!

Our second hurdle came just after the next hour in the form of dark clouds bursting through the sky! The monsoon rains brought water logging with it and a portion of the highway was completely under water. There was no way any vehicle could maneuver through the water without the engine dying and traffic again came to a dead stop. After a while we were directed to circumvent the portion of the waterlogged highway by driving through some villages in the periphery. But to our utter dismay we found that three roads through different villages were all water-logged. We even had a little scare when we thought our car engine might die while going through one stretch of water!

After going around in circles for more than two hours, we finally managed to find a road where the water-logging was not so bad and got out of the area, back on track. The worst thing was that we drove around 25 kilometers and spent three hours, just to circumvent around 5 kilometers!

There was another hurdle on our way today, but that is not as important or interesting, so it is better left out!

On our way forward after the water-logging, I could see that the problem was not just the fields or canals overflowing, but the lack of drainage system. Water-logging even after a little rain in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai are very infamous, but today I saw that it is the same in other cities and villages as well!

Rains a blessing and a pain at the same time!

Image source: google.com


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