Some good, some bad and some mellow,

We tag all the people we come in contact,

Our mind a sorting factory, constant bellow,

Picking our attitude and behavior every instant!


Image courtesy-https://steemit.com/psychology/@juvyjabian/the-psychology-of-personality-why-is-it-important-to-understand-our-own-personality

Isn’t life as we know it just an illusion?

Wealthy or poor, scholar or illiterate

Appearances may differ, characters define

Truth begins where illusions get over!



prompt – <a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/illusion/”>Illusion</a&gt;


One thought on “Illusion

  1. “Isn’t life as we know it just an illusion?” – The important phrase here, I think, is – “as we know it”. But then again, are we sure we even know what we think we know about life, even if it is the life as we see it from the outer surface? I wonder if we even can figure out what is illusory about life! Maybe nothing is, maybe it is all real, on some plane of existence. And we just don’t know how to see it yet, how to really experience it.
    Some mesmerising lines there, Gilu!

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