I had a best friend some years back. We spent quite some time together every day, sharing every tiny detail of our lives, taking care of our kids together, turning to each other for support and what not! Then came a small misunderstanding which blew out of proportion and we became distant for a couple of years, to the extent that we refused to recognize each other when our paths crossed! Even though we made up after that, the friendship was the never the same. Again a couple of years later, we parted ways. It is difficult to say who hurt who but fact remains – a friendship which was so dear once upon a time is lost forever!

I think of her quite often though without so much malice now. But will the distance between us ever fill? Will our friendship renew?

Got me musing about friends and friendship though!

“Our best friend is he who loves us in our best part”. In a more positive way, I would say: he who encourages you to descend to the lowest level in you, who drives you to do stupid things with him or become vicious along with him or approves all that is vile in you is not your friend.
The Mother

Friendship with the Divine Canna indica Courtesy – motherandsriaurobindo.in

In reality, you should take as friends only those persons who are wiser than you, whose company ennobles you, helps you to transcend yourself, to progress, to act better and see clearer. And finally, the best friend that one can have, is it not the Divine! the Divine to whom one can say everything, disclose everything, because here is the very source of all kindness, of the power that effaces every error when it is no longer repeated, which can open the path to the true realisation; the Divine who can understand everything, cure everything, who helps you on the way not to waver, not to falter, not to fall down and who leads you straight to the goal. He is the true friend, the friend in good and bad days, who never fails you. When you call him sincerely, he is always there to guide you, to sustain you and love you in the true way.

The Mother

On reflection, I think it’s time to rethink, not be disheartened about lost friendships but rather move on!


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