It’s that time again. You feel agitated, irritated with others, feel like your life is not going anywhere and you know energy has drained out.

Purified dynamic life energy – Dendranthema Xgrandiflorum (Image – motherandsriaurobindo.in)

So, infuse some positivity in your life to get back on track.

Following are some simple things which help. I admit these are tips I found online, hence can’t take credit but I have tried and found them working.

1. Declutter the house. It may not be possible to clean or declutter the whole house in one go, but at least start with a corner. The process itself worked wonders to clear my mind in addition to having a clean space at the end of it.

2. Open the windows and let the light in. I am unable to open the windows to air the house, but as I open the shades and let the light in, I must say some light fell on my mind too.

3. Light a lamp. Definitely the effect is different from switching on a light.

But those of you who light a lamp, if you simply be there around it, you will notice it makes a difference. You don’t need to believe in any God. It need not even be dark, the lamp need not be a visual aid, but do you notice it makes some kind of a difference? This is because the moment you light a lamp, not the flame itself but around the flame a certain etheric sphere will naturally happen.”


4. Detox your body. In addition to the health benefits like lowering BP, sugar, improving cardiac health etc, it also makes you more energetic. And be sure, improvements are on the way!

5. Meditate. A sure-shot means of detoxing the mind infusing positivity! Relaxed and stress-free, you are capable to take on the world!
Courtesy -Sadhguru.org


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