Ode to a little kitten

I remember the day the little kitten walked into our house. As soon as we opened the cage in which she was brought in, she walked out elegantly, tail up and walked around the house as if she owns it. And really she made it her home in no time!


Her name was also apt! Deliberating on a name for her, the
name Percy came up, just suitable for a Persian cat that she was.

Her nuances are unforgettable. The way she walked towards you when she felt like being pampered, stayed by your feet till you have run your hand over her back for a while and then the way she walked away…I must  say animals do need as much attention as your children!

She was very particular about drinking water. She would never drink water from her bowl which we keep in her room; she always came outside and drank water outside. And if you hesitated about letting her out, she meowed, soft initially as if calling you sweetly and then so hard and loud as if scolding you till you finally obliged.

One time, we had to go out of station for 7 days. Though arrangements were made for taking care of her, her reaction after we came back was exceptional. She meowed, high pitched and looking straight at our daughter (unheard till then), as if complaining about being left alone.

Little things she did, looks she gave, she made her place right in our hearts within a short while. She was a part of our family.

I might even say our elder daughter took more care of Percy than her own sister. And for the little one, she was a play thing. The expression in Percy’s eyes when our little girl was holding her tight or making her up was just adorable. It could only described as that of resignation – I am yours, you may do whatever you wish to…

I am a ‘no-pet’ person, not that I don’t like animals, I just don’t want them roaming around in my home. But Percy brought on a change in me, I can’t specify what exactly, but fact of the matter remains. She roamed freely through the house, sat on the dining table, made a comfy sleeping place in a basket with my dupattas and I just could not feel angry at her.

Unfortunately her time with us was so short and it has been difficult to come to terms with it.

She passed away a few days ago. She had killed a rat and the theory is probably that rat was poisoned. Even in her last hours, she didn’t trouble anyone, she just went quietly.

She will be in our hearts forever, her presence changed us all!

Foot note: No more pets in our home, the space left void when Percy left may never fill!

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